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How to Use a Tractor to Clear Land

Using a Tractor to Clear Land
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We tried clearing the land by hand in the very early stages of the Dual Homestead project. Lighting backfires, tearing up lawnmowers, destroying weed-eaters, and swinging a sling blade (some folks call it a kaiser blade) is good all in good fun, but as soon as a good friend of mine volunteered his kubota tractor, I jumped on the offer, Using a tractor to clear land saves an enormous amount of time, By using a small tractor to clear our land allowed us to clear more land in 2 hours than two men did in two days…

My friend stayed over on the land for 3 days, and used about 15 gallons of diesel and a lot of bottled water. He was able to clear about 1.5 acres of land (including some trees), scrape off several burn pits full of glass, screws, nails, and all sorts of other nasty bits, as well as grade the driveway and help clear out some of the trash inside the trailer. The trailer cleaning and road grading are separate posts.

There really isn’t much I can say about using a tractor to clear land other than do it if possible… And if you have a friend that is willing to loan the use of his tractor and stay out on your property to help – keep him supplied with cold water and hot food…

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