Gardening Tip: Using a Broadfork

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Gardening Tip: Using a Broadfork

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My original contraption was not sturdy enough, but luckily I have a friend that can actually weld (as opposed to the hot mess I tend to make).

He reinforced the tines, and put some good beads on the broadfork.  When he was done it was a new tool.

To begin using a broadfork, simply stab into the ground, step on the broadfork to press into the earth, and then pull it back to push the tines up through the dirt.

Then take a step back and repeat on the edge of the area you just tilled.

Its pretty simple, but you may want to watch the video below.

Broadforks are pretty easy to use, but it is a lot of work.  Like I said earlier, it may be more physical work than a mechanical device, but I find that after a long day I feel better when I use non-powered tools.  I don’t have a headache from the loud and smelly engines and my arms aren’t beat up from the  vibrations.

I like them because they don’t compact the soil under the seed bed like tillers do, they don’t kill the worms and other microorganisms in the soil, and, once the soil is prepared the first time, are actually easier to use than tillers.

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