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Village Technology Handbook

Village Technology Handbook
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This is another fine work to come out of the CD3WD set.  I can’t speak enough about the quality of this program, and I wish that it did not dissolve after the death of the founder.

From the Foreword of the VITA Manual:

The Village Technology Handbook has been an important tool for development workers and do-it-yourselfers for 25 years. First published in 1963 under the auspices of the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Handbook has gone through eight major printings. Versions in French and Spanish, as well as English, are on shelves in bookstores, on desks in government officials and local organizations, in school libraries and technical centers, and in the field kits of village workers around the world.

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The technologies it contains, like the chain and washer pump, the evaporative food cooler, and the hay box cooker, have been built for technology fairs and demonstration centers throughout the developing world-and more importantly, have been adopted and adapted by people everywhere.

Since the handbook is primarily intended for “do-it-yourselfers” in villages and rural regions, most space still is allocated to the development of water resources and to agriculture. And rather than simply replacing everything and starting over, this new edition reorganizes some sections, updates several of the original articles, and includes a number of new ones on frequently requested topics. The new articles cover energy efficient stoves, the use of wind power to pump water,stabilized earth construction, a novel ceramics kiln, small-scale candle and paper production, high yield gardening, oral rehydration therapy, and malaria control. An all-new reference section is also provided.

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