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Emergency War Surgery

Emergency War Surgery
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Emergency War Surgery is not the be all end all medical reference, and in a catastrophic disaster, if you are on my team and break this out and read it with one hand as you try to pull a bullet out of my leg – prepare to get kicked in the head…

But this book does give information that is hard to find, and in my own opinion, I think it deserves a place in every prepper’s bookshelf.

Just don’t equate owning this book (or any other) with knowing its contents, which is why I said don’t read with one hand and cut with the other.

You should have a firm grasp on the contents of this book pre-disaster if you think there is a possibility that you may one day have to use the contents of this book

I remember once as a kid, I bought a karate book at the school book fair, and went home and challenged my dad to a sparring match.  I was so ready – I kept calling time out to open the book to whatever kick I wanted to try.  It was silly then, and the idea that you can learn emergency war surgery simply by owning a book is even sillier.

Take real classes by knowledgeable professionals.

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