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Water Test Strips Review


Gear Review: Water Test Strips
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Being able to test water is important. Being able to boil water only kills bacteria, it does nothting for chemical impurities. This means you need to be able to test for them.

The water test strips I am using in the video test for 9 indicators of impure water. I can detect bacteria as well as other impurities.

It is simple to use, simply dip in the water, pull out and wait 30 seconds before comparing the strips to the chart.

One thing I really like about these strips is that the manufacturer thought far enough in advance to package the strips in sealed containers and added several such sealed bags in the bottle. This means the unopened strips will last longer.

This is a great product, and I am pleased that healthy wise chose to let me review it for them.

This water test strips have given me peace of mine since my water at the land comes from a stream and is not treated in any way.  While this test strips don’t test everything but they do test the common issues that would contaminate water.

Originally these strips are used to test pool water.

I did not get paid for this review, but I did receive the product at a discount.

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