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We Have Our First Litter of Baby Rabbits


We Have Our First Litter of Baby Rabbits
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We have heard that you always (or almost always) lose the first litter from a new mother rabbit.  We found that to be true with our first two does.  They both lost their first litters, but some of that was the cold, and some was our own ignorance.  But only one of the mothers seemed to have any maternal instinct, and pulled fur to line her nest.

However, now that our does have some experience (and we do to) we now have some baby rabbits.

I am very excited, as I enjoy raising animals, my wife thinks they are cute, and I feel better knowing I can raise my own food source.

When we rebred the doe we thought had the best temperament (which did not have the best instincts) she not only refused to nurse her babies or pull fur, but I caught her eating them… Needless to say that was strike three and I called the breeder.  Luckily they had a warranty and replaced her with an older doe that was proven to breed.

The older doe just gave birth to the ugliest little rabbits, all hairless and helpless, and I am happy.  In another week they should start growing hair, and in a couple weeks they may even look like rabbits…

Stay Tuned…


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  1. tom tom

    So where can someone find rabbits in south carolina?

    • I don’t know, I just did an internet search for mine – You would be surprised how many people have rabbits though.

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