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What is a Brush Hook


What is a Brush Hook
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I am clearing land at in order to turn some scrub land into productive pasture. Unfortunately thorn bush and vines have taken hold.  So I need a long handled brush hook to get up under the vines.  That way I can cut them down without getting cut up myself.

I have owned several versions of Brush Hooks/Brush Axes for decades.  I have gotten them from various places, and I have toted them through several moves.  However, I never actually knew what they were for.

Its funny that I learned what a brush hook was in two ways at the same time.  First I was trying to clear my land and the grown over thorns were killing me, and I decided that the wicked looking long handled tool would be worth a shot at cutting down the brush without getting INTO it – and I saw a video from one of my favorite channels Wranglerstar (shown below)

After posting the video, several people commented to me that they call a brush hook by other names, so I figure I would also mention that they are called – brush axe, ditch blade, ditch bank blade, or ditch blade axe.

No matter what you call them, they are a long handled instrument resembling an axe, generally with a 12-inch to 16-inch curved blade and a 3 to 4 foot handle.

It is commonly used by surveying crews and firefighters to clear out heavy undergrowth from trails, as well as by homeowners and gardeners to clear thick brush.

Brush Axe – Wranglerstar


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  1. I have two, similar to yours. I sometimes carry a Woodman’s Pal, for close-in work, that also has a hook. I use both tools for cutting vines off at the root that are climbing my fences.

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