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What is a Cant Hook?


Homesteading: What is a Cant Hook?
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A cant hook is used a tool used to move logs.  It is used to lift, turn and handle logs – it is used most often in conjunction with sawmills.  I know I could not operate mine with out a good cant hook.

If you are using big logs get the biggest one you can find.  As a matter of fact buy two.  I need to get another one myself.

The one I bought has a detachable leg that can be used to lift up and hold a log off the ground.

This feature helps with cutting up logs because it keeps the chainsaw blade out of the dirt.

It is also very useful to attach chains so can winch the log up onto my sawmill trailer.

I would think that if you got two such cant hooks then you could use them as a backwoods sawhorse.

However, don’t go overboard because a cant hook is pretty heavy, which is understandable, because you don’t want it to break as you are muscling 3/4 ton logs around.

A cant hook is a great tool, but used carelessly it can slip and a heavy log can kill you or at the very least break a leg.

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