What’s In My Prepper Library Contest Entry

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What's In My Prepper Library Contest Entry

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I don’t mess with YouTube contesting much – It looks fun, but I never seem to have enough time to do it “right” – however – since ThePrepperSite has offered up a contest that is RIGHT up my alley I could not pass it up. You see, his new contest is about what are your favorite prepper books – and he said we could show our library if we wanted.

I used to have a nice organized library, I have a mac program that uses the webcam to scan the barcode and connect to amazon so I can get library of congress info as well as for inventory purposes.

However, since the wife said the boy needed a nursery I had to move my books out to make room for the family.  Many of my books are out of print or hard to find – it seems like the more modern we get the more “protected” the powers that be want to make us so that each year it seems like more informaiton slips into the black hole of censorship. An example of this would be loompanics – I disagreed with many (most) of his titles, but you cannot pick an choose which speech you want to protect and still have freedom of speech.

I will say that even though I did not mention it in the video if your a prepper and are worried about technologically based disasters sending us back to the stone age then you should visit Lindsey’s Technical Books  – each catalog I get gives me more ideas. The main source of his information are old books and articles out of print and out of copyright – he reprints them in book form. Don’t let that scare you off though they are very technical and show exactly how our industrial age was formed. He also has new books like the gingery machine shop series dealing with how to build an entire metal shop including lather and drill press using hand tools and a homemade metal casting foundry  as well Steven Chastain’s books like Generators and Inverters: Building Small Combined Heat and Power Systems For Remote Locations and Emergency Situations

I learn a lot from my books, and each book adds another drawer to my mental filing cabinet – I never know when, why, or how each drawer will be opened, but because I keep filling it up I have a lot of tools to use when I need them.

If you want to see my bare minimum list of books for a prepper to own I linked to a series of articles covering my preferences (warning – they are a lot like Rawle’s list – but classics are classics for a reason).


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