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When Technology Fails

Book Review: When Technology Fails
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I really enjoyed When Technology Fails, I liked seeing all the neat ways of improvising and adapting objects to new uses. Of course I am weird that way, and when I was in the service I spent hours reading the M1A1 tank BDAR (battle damage assessment and repair) manuals to learn how to steer a broken tank from the turret using a couple pairs of vice-grips.

For some reason I am driven to know how to fix things and adapt in out of the box ways, maybe it was from all those MacGyver and A-Team episodes I watched as a kid?

Anyway, this book is packed with ideas that allow us to complete vital tasks in the event we loose the technology we take for granted every day.

This is an entertaining book, but is it a valuable reference to have banked away in the event the unthinkable happens.

I like the premise of a book that gives you work around for when technology fails.  I am not one that believes in peak oil or that a cataclysmic disaster will wipe out technology as we know it, but I do think it is possible for economic conditions to fail to the point where most people live a subsistence existence where they must repair or do without.

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