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Why Don’t You Mind My Own Business?

Why Don't You Mind My Own Business?
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I love Bill Whittle and want to share his YouTube video “Why Don’t You Mind My Own Business”

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The essence of Progressive though is, “Yes it works in PRACTICE… but will it work in THEORY?” Bill shows why Obamacare doesn’t even work in theory.”

In his firewall video Why Don’t You Mind My Own Business? he describes the difference between a commodity (that cost money) and rights (which are intrinsic)

If someone has a right to a commodity then those that provide those things must work to provide them, which makes them a de facto slave.

This makes a lot of sense, and is based upon a a realistic and rational view.

This may be uncomfortable for those that work off of feelings and not facts.  But the facts are that if you pay for your own things you should have the freedom to choose and its your own business.

However, if you pay for my healthcare as a right, then you should have the ability to make rules to keep costs low.  Which means if you provide the commodities that I claim as rights then I become a de facto slave.

As I am a free American and slave to no man, I do not claim any rights that are commodities and are not intrinsically given to me by my Creator.  I also renounce your ability to claim as right my property.

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