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William’s First Canoe Trip


William's First Canoe Trip
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Today The wife and I had an adventure taking WT on his first canoe trip.  William’s first canoe trip was rather uneventful, we chose the 2.5 hour trip at Tip a Canoe on Hwy 70 in Kingston Springs TN.  They don’t know I am posting this, and I don’t have any relationship with this company, but every time I have went they have had excellent customer service and I have had a good time.  It is a very inexpensive family day trip.

Its Not as Easy as It Was

Today I also learned that 40 ish 350 pound guy with a rocking dad bod can not do the same things in a canoe that he could do as a young 170 pound boy scout camp waterfront instructor.  The hundreds of miles I canoed in the late 80’s and early 90’s don’t count in the new century….

For some reason, the canoe was more tipsy, and it rode lower to the ground.  Actually, with the low water level the first hour of the ride involved me walking behind the canoe and pushing it off rocks.  WT was not a happy camper.

Later, the river got deeper and we ended up having a great time.  WT said he was willing to do it again and while when given a choice between canoeing and going to Dave and Buster’s arcade he choose canoeing before we went and the arcade AFTER the trip.  I know he was scared, and if you listen to his voice you may be able to tell also, but he got a big hug after because even though the tipsy canoe and the times we got stuck scared him, he never complained and really cowboy’d up.

This really isn’t DIY prepping, but like  have said in other family posts, you have to spend a little time doing things other than dealing with possible future disasters so the people you care about know how you feel and have some fond memories – plus its a sneaky way to build a love of the outdoors and some serious skills so my boy will be a future prepper leader (if he chooses that path.)

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