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How to Build a Tool Wagon for Garden Tools


William's Wagon
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I wanted to do something for the kid so I made William’s Wagon.  Basically I found a broken up little red wagon and put some parts together to make a tool trailer that William can ride on.

I made an attachment to the lawn mower so that we can pull his wagon around.

Basically, I took the rifle rack I made and put it on the front of the wagon so I can mount tools like shovels and axes because I constantly need pioneer and other tools as I work on the land, and having them all in one place makes it so much easier and more efficient to get the work done.

I am looking forward to when William is big enough to drive a mower or a golf cart so I can keep him around to run errands and gofer parts and tools.

As he gets older he is taking more of an interest in tools.  Not mechanics so much as carpentry.  My so really loves hammering in nails.  So much so that I have to keep a constant watch on him and his hammer as the other day he tried to nail the toilet to “fix it”

The boy likes his wagon, but he really wants to ride around in the lawnmower.

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