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Windmills and Wind Motors

Book Review: Windmills and Wind Motors
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I bought Windmills and Wind Motors from the now defunct Lindsey Books company.  I immediately jumped on buying this book as a reference when I saw that it was a guide for making and using your own windmills, even to generate electricity!

Free, clean, and sustainable energy: wind power is an essential resource everyone can harness.

This comprehensive and compact historical work provides everything you need to learn about the theory and construction of everyday windmills, from small ones intended solely as models to those large enough to generate electricity.

Powell provides all the necessities to get you on your way, including detailed, step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and designs for every part of the project.

Types of windmill projects include:

  • A model windmill with sails two feet across
  • A working windmill with sails six feet across, suitable for pumping water
  • A practical windmill with sails ten feet across, capable of producing up to one-half horse power and able to run light machinery

For those interested in developing alternate, off-the-grid sources of energy, or even those who like to build for fun, Windmills and Wind Motors is a classic, useful guide to harnessing wind power.

110 black & white illustrations

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