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How to Easily Salvage Fencing Wire


Wire Fence Salvage Tip
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I used this Wire Fence Salvage Tip as I removed 5 line goat fencing from a 30 acre farm.  It was cross fenced extensively.  Additionally, it had posts with 5 lines of electric fence up both sides of a very long driveway.

The electric extension cord holders I used look just like the one shown.  However, they came in a three pack for just a little less than the ones shown.

Unfortunately, I could not find the exact model I bought in an rural Alabama hardware store on Amazon.  I bet you could find some at your local big box store if you looked.

It was my Dad’s idea to use an extension cord winder.  We did not start work until we went to the store to buy one, but I saw these and immediately knew it would be better, plus I bout 9 (3 sets of 3) for less that the winder my Dad had to try.

Now his would have been easier to wind if the wire was straight, but for the cost and ease of total use.  The wind up model was beat by the hand sets I used.

As I was doing this, I figure you could cut an “H” shape out of scrap plywood and probably do the exact same thing for little or no money.

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