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Wiring Tiny House and Talking


Wiring Tiny House
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This is a very old video I found while clearing out my computer storage. Its James, Smitty, and I Wiring Tiny House and Talking.

Basically I am wiring an outlet, but after that is done we just gab and talk.  Warning I am not an electrician (duuuh) so please keep that in mind.  Additionally, there is some rough talk and a few curse-words so please be mindful if you have kids.

Only the first 2 minutes actually talk anything about wiring outlets in a tiny house, the rest we just talk about the Marines and Jetty Springer’s West Virginia Ninja.

Mostly its just a couple of guys talking while doing wiring.

I share a story of a fist fight I had once at the main traffic circle of Camp Lejeune NC and how I have mellowed with age.  Nobody believes that I used to be much wilder or prone to physical violence.  Just like no one believe I know how to start Wiring Tiny House outlets.

Wiring outlets is not hard, and if you have some guidance and somebody to inspect your work to prevent electrical fires just about anyone can do the work.  If you have cost issues, find an electrician to give you some tips and check your work.  It may only cost some beer.

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