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How to Build a Wooden Mold for Casting Metal


Wooden Mold for Casting Metal
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I have my foundry, my crucible, and my tools, now I build a wooden mold for casting metal.  This mold is called a flask.  The wooden flask is used to hold the sand and the pattern that will make the casting.

How I Built My Wooden Mold Flask

All I did was take an 8ft 1×6 and cut it into 8 1 foot sections. I then chiseled out a groove down the length of each section. When assembled, this groove is inside the box, and gives the green sand something to grip. Otherwise, it may drop out of your form.

Once the groove was cut, I then glued and nailed 4 of the boards together to form an open ended box. I repeated this with the last four sections. Now I have two open ended boxes to use to create my molds.

I then had to make some sort of locking device to insure that the mold halves line up. The Drag (or bottom box) has to fit in perfect alignment with the Cope (top box) or the casting won’t be accurate.

A ½ board was ripped down the center at a 45 degree angle and the two pieces were cut into 4 sections. One two sides (adjoining corners) one piece of the 45 was screwed into the cope pointing up. On the other two sides on piece of the board was screwed into the cope with the 45 angle pointing down. On the drag, the boards were attached to mate with their sisters on the cope. This way the angles will mate, and with the two sides reversed, the cope and drag will only fit flush one way. If this sounds confusing please watch the video, as it is a very simple idea.

All I have to do now is make some green sand for molding and then fire up the foundry


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