WT Building in Minecraft

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I think its funny as can be, WT’s first video was supposed to be him showing you the world he and I built and explaining the mods we used to create it, But that was a little too structured for my boy and he changed his mind and now he just wants show you his building in minecraft.

Actually he wanted to build by HIMSELF, so we tried again, this time he wanted me to site right next to him because he did not want to build all by himself….

Fun times with a 5 year old.

There are a couple of ways to play minecraft, and not a lot of rules – you can focus on playing the game, building a house, completing advancements, protecting yourself from monsters.  basically surviving.  If you want to sleep you have to make a bed, to do that you have to build an axe to cut down a tree and then convert the wood to planks, you have to pick flowers and find sheep to shear to make wool you dye.  Combine the colored wool and the planks to make a bed….  It can get involved.

Personally I like to build perfect villages and castles with roads and infrastructure.  My boy likes fighting monsters with me….

He plays in survival mode – meaning everything he has he has to earn in the game – and if he dies he loses it.  I play in what he calls “cheating mode” the game calls it creative.  My mode allows flying and unlimited build material.  I rarely let him play in that mode because I like to see him figure out how to decide and prioritize when he builds in minecraft.  This means he gets a treat when I let him play in creative – he can build much much faster (and can destroy my perfect towns in the blink of an eye (its okay dad we can fix it together….) LOL

I think mostly my boy doesn’t like building in minecraft, he likes playing with me.  Which is actually why I like playing the game too.

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