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My Toddler Cooking Pancakes

WT Makes Pancakes
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Today’s post is just a playful thing, it doesn’t teach anything, or show anything new – just me and my boy messing around.  All I am doing is watching as my son WT  makes pancakes.

I don’t eat a lot of pancakes, after I had the lap band, they make me throw up is I eat more than one.  However, William likes them, and I enjoy watching him play in the kitchen.

I think that cooking is not only a valuable skill, but it teaches many valuable lessons.  My wife tends to agree and uses cooking in her special education class to help teach her autistic and special need students many of the same lessons.

A few of the the many things cooking teaches children are:

  • Cause and Effect
  • Basic Math
  • Attention to detail
  • Self Discipline
  • Creativity

But today, as I watched WT making pancakes, all I was really doing was spending time with my favorite little boy.

He sure made a mess eating those things, I don’t think I have ever seen syrup spread so far.  However, he had a great time.  My boy still asks to make pancakes, but he smashes them up more than he eats them.  I think that may because of the fancy ketchup bottle art pancakes.

I do know that this is a fun family activity, and its a pretty simple thing to do.  Its really fun to do this while mommy sleeps in.  As long as WT and I clean up the kitchen before she gets up I get extra patience from her throughout the rest of the day.

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