WT’s First Minecraft Video

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WT's First Minecraft Video

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WT had his own channel for his grandparents to watch his stuff, but somehow it got hacked and the recovery password changed to one that is not ours – YouTube is not really helpful since I don’t know the recovery password.

When my boy said he wanted to make minecraft videos like hobbypig and toy reviews like Ryan I figured I would let him on his own channel, but I can’t currently upload there until I get it fixed.  I also told him he could before I checked his channel, so I am putting it on my channel.

My wife was not really excited about adding more technology into the household, but after seeing what minecraft can teach (mostly coding, but some cause effect and resource management) she relented.

I make videos sharing what I do, and to me its a positive, I’m not in it for fame or fortune, I just want tit to pay for itself so I can share more with the communities that have helped me. This isn’t here to make my boy a Youtube star or to line my pockets, I want my boy to feel good doing what his daddy does while learning to be independent.

My boy sees that and he sees people on Youtube like Ryan’s toy review that he connects with and he wants to emulate.  We tightly monitor what our boy does while still giving him freedom to grow in his own direction, so I keep a firm hand on him so he does not see the negatives or the trolls but his mother and I support his creative endeavor.

I could probably do a whole post on why Minecraft is positive, but almost anything can be positive if it is monitored and the child parented.  This maybe something you would not do with your child, and I get that, but for mine we are going to test it out.

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