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YouTube Banning Firearms Related Content

YouTube Officially To Start Banning Firearms Related Content

I just read that  YouTube Officially To Start Banning Firearms Related Content and followed the link to the official youtube policy.  Because of this I immediately began removing those “offending” videos from YouTube so as not to lose my entire channel.


While I think this is a shortsighted and anti-American decision, this is a free market and they do have the right to remove those creators that don’t post what they want.  Personally I think it is chickenshit modern day book-burning, but you shouldn’t get to pick and choose what rights you want to enforce if you believe that our way of life means anything.  I wish the other side of the political spectrum was that honest.

I get that they are afraid of guns, I get that they are afraid that the gun owners will rise up against them, after all if they had the numbers and the guns they would rise against us.

What I don’t understand is how hypocritical and ignorant the entire discussion is.  People with no understanding of facts are dictating policy.  The willful ignorant should not be the deciding voice.

If I owned a media outlet that allowed uploading of information I could not, in good conscious pick and choose who posted.  Especially by silencing the voice of the law abiding citizen.  I mean, sure libs hate guns, but everyone hates pedophiles – I had to ban my boy from YouTube because of all the overtly sexual content that is hidden as kid friendly material.  You’d think they would fix THAT.

I will upload the offending videos directly to this website, and I am working on finding solutions to being dependent of youtube for the funding to do the videos I produce.


I think I found an alternative to youtube that is

  • established
  • allows monetization
  • easy to operate

I started a channel on Dailymotion, it is a french company that is not quite as big as YouTube, but it is large enough to be a competitor.

Right now I am just uploading and embedding the videos YouTube has demonitized, but that is because I have over a thousand videos.  However, the goal is to completely remove YouTube.

As I said, they are a private company, and have the right to do what they want, but they are not free from the consequences of their decisions.  Which is the loss of some of their best content creators (not that I an one of the best, but I am a member of one of their most popular niches)

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