10 Prepper Gifts Under $50

giftIn order to help out for the holiday gift giving, here are 10 Prepper Gifts Under $50. Next week we will have a top 10 list for gifts around $25, and the week after we will have 10 great stocking suffers under $10.  I hope this list will help you find great things for the preppers you love, or to gently help the non-prepper be just a little better prepared.

When you get into gifts that cost around $50 then you are probably getting gifts for people you truly care about.  These gifts are nice and useful to people that may not be preppers, but I know that many of them are items I would love to get from my family.

It is always nice to do things to protect your family and friends and these gifts definitely help with that.


$57.78 Motorola Motorola T9680RSAME 22 Channel 28 Mile Two-Way Weather Radio

  • Provides the ideal combination for those who want real time accurate weather monitoring capabilities.
  • Includes: 2 radios? 1 dual drop-in charger? 1 charging adapter? 2 NiMH rechargeable battery packs? 2 belt clips.? Available in khaki
  • Program your county, parish, city area, or marine zone location code into the radio and get SAME alert messages


$50.00 Etón SCORPION NSP100GR Multi-Purpose Solar Powered Digital Weather Radio (Green)


  • Digital AM FM Radio Tuner, NOAA Weather Band, Built-In LED Flashlight, Large Solar Panel, Crank Powered, USB Cell Phone Charger
  • Audio Line Input, Aluminum Carabiner, Splashproof, Rugged Exterior Skin, Battery Charge Indicator
  • Bottle Opener, No Batteries Needed, DC Power


$49.99 KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corp Fighting Knife


  • The most famous fixed blade knife design in the world
  • 1095 Cro-van steel
  • Leather Handle, USMC Fightning Knife
  • 7″ Straight Edge Blade
  • Knife Made in USA, Leather Sheath made in Mexico


$49.95 Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder

This ceramic coffee grinder features a ceramic grinding mcoffeeechanism that will never alter the flavor of the grinds, resulting in fresh, flavorful, and pure coffee. The grinding mechanism is made from an advanced ceramic close in hardness to diamond that will never rust providing ultra long-life performance. The grind adjustment allows for fine to coarse grinds and the non-slip base ensures stability. The glass container is reusable and dishwasher safe.


$49.95 Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff


  • External audio input connects to MP3 players and scanners
  • Amplifies conversation and commands with one single volume control knob
  • Automatic 4 hour shut-off increases battery life
  • Automatically blocks noise above 82 dB, noise reduction rating NRR 22
  • Adjustable, low-profle design folds for easy storage


$48.99 OXO Good Grips Food Mill


  • Food mill includes 3 stainless-steel discs for preparing foods of fine, medium, and coarse textures
  • Stainless-steel inner bowl accommodates hot foods and prevents staining
  • Simple release button for easy disc exchange and disassembly
  • Non-slip legs, handle, and cranking knob; folds for easy storage
  • 11-Inch diameter; 2.3-quart capacity; all parts are dishwasher-safe


  • 0.2 micron filtration efficiency
  • Do it yourself- buckets not included
  • Will filter out everything from giardia from a clear mountain stream to the muck from the most turbid of water sources.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stores for years until needed.

$45.58 Victorio VKP1012 Hand Operated Grain Mill

grain mill

  • Precision stainless steel milling cone is durable and makes fine bread quality flour
  • Designed to be all-purpose so it can grind wheat, corn, rice, oats, barley and more
  • Makes about one half cup of fine flour per minute
  • Small compact design makes it easy to store


$40.04 Actron CP7830 Hand Vacuum Pump


  • Diameter measures 3-1/2-in
  • Helps to find any vacuum or gasket leak
  • Includes rugged steel handle frame and solid brass cylinder
  • Comes complete with 24′-in hose and tapered hose adaptors



$39.99 AAA 65-Piece Winter Severe Weather Travel Kit


  • Compact 65-piece road assistance kit for winter conditions by AAA and LifeLine First Aid
  • Includes folding shovel with sheath
  • Includes 3-piece fleece set
  • Includes strobe light
  • Includes a 46-piece first-aid kit

I hope these 10 Prepper Gifts Under $50 are useful to you.

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