Coffee Can Toilet Paper Hanger for Camping

Coffee Can Toilet Paper Hanger for Camping
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I don’t drink coffee, so this took me a while to get a plastic coffee container, but once I did I made a very quick Coffee Can Toilet Paper Hanger to take when we go visit the property.

This is a pretty simple little DIY camping hack that makes life so much easier.

Being a prepper, and working on a piece of land that is an hour away from my home means I like to keep a roll of Toilet paper in the car, in the truck, in the job box on the property, in my Bug out bag, and anywhere else I can think of.

The problem is that if just thrown in the back of a car the paper gets ripped, or wet, or nasty.


This simple coffee can toilet paper hanger for camping makes life much easier as well as more hygienic.

  1. First cut a slit long enough for toilet paper. (If you put the slit opposite of the handles so you can hold and pull)
  2. Then thread the TP in the slit and put roll of TP in container.
  3. Put the lid back on and once again.
  4. Now you have a TP holder for camping!

2 thoughts on “Coffee Can Toilet Paper Hanger for Camping

  1. When you place the roll of TP in the coffee container, do you start the paper from the front of the roll, or the back? I always like my TP coming over the top, my sweetie likes it going over the back.

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