PRN Episode #30 Interview Diane Teagarden

PRN Episode #30 Interview Diane Teagarden
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Diane Teagarden is an author and soon after completing her first book, she opened her own self-help book publishing company. She named it “Firewalker Publications” to remind herself of how she had “come through the fire” by facing her worst fears.

She has several books dealing with divorce, domestic abuse, and fiction, but today David talks with her about her latest book, Budgeting on a Dime- 10 Steps to Financial Independence.

Diane Teagarden gives good advice on budgeting without feeling poor, on saving money, and making lifestyle changes to get control of family finances.

This book is about personal responsibility, and has a lot in common with basic preparedness concepts.
You can learn more about her books at firewalker publications:
The show is scheduled for Monday at 10pm central time at this link.
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