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    1. The same reason a plumber costs $200 for a 15 minute repair – a bit of it is the labor, a small part is the materials, but mostly it because the inventor took several decades of work to come up with a simple, robust, and well engineered product. You will not find any other product that is as strong, or lasts as long, or purifies as well as this product in or around this price point.

  2. Everyone should be advised that you can not use distilled water for drinking long term as it will get your electrolytes out of balance. I don’t know if adding powdered Gatorade to it will correct the problem but I know you don’t want to just drink distilled water.

    1. That is a misconception, on the opposite spectrum of the military giving salt pills. You get minerals from what you eat much more than by what you drink. I suppose if you only ate one food to the exclusion of all others you would have some deficiencies (like the rabbit starvation experiments), but distilled water is very healthy as part of a balanced diet.

  3. Dave, for some reason I have been having trouble with PayPal – can I mail you a check to reserve a seat in the 20-21 APR Personal Protection in the Home Instructors Course? Jerry Sayre

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