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  1. August NRA Pistol Instructor Courses | Shepherd School

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  2. Don
    Don at · Reply

    I don’t understand why, basically a dog water bowl cost $279.00. Am I missing something spectacular?

  3. Le Kellum
    Le Kellum at · Reply

    Everyone should be advised that you can not use distilled water for drinking long term as it will get your electrolytes out of balance. I don’t know if adding powdered Gatorade to it will correct the problem but I know you don’t want to just drink distilled water.

  4. Jerry Sayre
    Jerry Sayre at · Reply

    Dave, for some reason I have been having trouble with PayPal – can I mail you a check to reserve a seat in the 20-21 APR Personal Protection in the Home Instructors Course? Jerry Sayre

  5. Jerry Sayre
    Jerry Sayre at · Reply

    Dave, have you determined the dates and location of this course? Thanks
    Jerry Sayre

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