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  1. Michelle
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    ps. I agree that drinking distilled water is GOOD. Im pretty sure from the latest research that the source who said distilled water leaches out electrolytes was WRONG info. Now days most people who are up to date are saying its really good to drink distilled water. It pulls out toxins but not the good electrolytes. At least that’s what a lot of good Naturpaths etc are saying these days. Yes, the source for minerals should be FOOD. DIstiled and reverse osmosis are gaining in popularity as bestter than most spring water. Be careful with plastic containers. Use glass whenever possible. If it has to touch plastic temporarily at least make sure its not warm water or warm plastic. :)

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  3. Don
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    I don’t understand why, basically a dog water bowl cost $279.00. Am I missing something spectacular?

  4. Le Kellum
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    Everyone should be advised that you can not use distilled water for drinking long term as it will get your electrolytes out of balance. I don’t know if adding powdered Gatorade to it will correct the problem but I know you don’t want to just drink distilled water.

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