So You Want to Be a Firearms Instructor

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So You Want to Be a Firearms Instructor

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So You Want to Be a Firearms Instructor?  I can tell you that of all the things that I have done to improve my life, becoming a firearm instructor was one of the best.  I have received much more in return than I put into learning the ropes and gaining the certifications.

The only caveat is, that a weekend firearm instructor course may certify you, but you cannot stop learning if you want to a competent instructor.

It took me over a year of teaching to become comfortable, and I have spent many thousands of dollars on books and continuing education courses, and I think that is only a good start.

As far as becoming a firearm instructor, unless you are a law enforcement officer and can talk your way into a FBI or P.O.S.T. class, the simplest way is through the NRA training program.

If you are interested, and want to know more, please feel free to email me directly at [email protected]

There are a few ways of becoming a firearm instructor, some better than others.  While I don’t think a 17 hour course on the weekend will prepare you to be a firearm instructor if you don’t already posses the right knowledge, skills, and attitudes.  It is a good start if you are serious about the process.


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