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Prepper Precepts #2 Don’t Look Forward to Disaster


52 Unique Techniques for Stocking Food for Prepper
52 Unique Techniques for Stocking Food for Prepper

I don’t want the manure to strike the air oscillation device. Hopefully, I won’t ever be told that I was right about prepping. I want my food storage to hit its shelf life unopened. But I feel better knowing I have food insurance.

Don’t look forward to disaster you just might end up getting to be in one.

Rules of Civility: The 110 Precepts that Guided Our First President in War and Peace

These precepts are my creed, and having prepper precepts guides me when I face tough choices. A wise man once told me that when facing a moral problem, the right choice is usually the action you don’t want to take.

I am not a pollyanna person that is wishy washy or blindly follows rules, heck I have a little rebellious streak and love to know the WHY of rules, but I do respect and understand the need for law and know how vital it is for a society to have a moral code.

By knowing what I believe in you can know how I will act. This is very important in times of stress. If you don’t want to read these precepts one by one, the completed list can be found here: Completed 27 Prepper Precepts.

I hope these precepts are useful to you, I feel that by sharing my creed I can, in some little way, help make the world better by opening a discussion about the importance of having rules to live by.

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