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How to Clean Up Easily by Using Aluminum Foil as a Paint Tray Liner

Aluminum Foil Painting Tip
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I have been doing a lot of painting lately, and I found a tip that cuts down on cleaning of my roller pan.

I have started to line it with heavy-duty aluminum foil before using it.

This trick is especially helpful if you’re painting with different colors — for each new color, throw away the old foil (after pouring excess paint back into the can) and put in a fresh sheet, molding it to the pan.

This aluminum foil painting tip saves an enormous amount of cleanup, and makes painting much easier.  I don’t enjoy painting, but I hate cleanup, so knowing this simple painting trick makes me much more likely to perform seasonal preventative maintenance.

For those that think this is a waste of aluminum, you may be right, but depending on your recycler, and the amount of paint you have on the foil – you still may be able to wad it up and send it in for recycling.  If you are really big into recycling – why don’t you build an aluminum foundry and use the paint filled aluminum foil to cast things?

Use this with the no drip tip and you are on your way to an easy cleanup after your job.

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