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Amazing Survival Hacks That You Must Know

Amazing Survival Hacks That You Must Know

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You might not have the ability to drive to the local market to get the things you want.

This is when the survival hacks come into play. Yes, the things which you have with you can be utilized effectively.

We are creating the list of amazing survival hacks to let you know.

Here are 5 Outdoor Survival Hacks Using Everyday Items




Crayons To Candles

What You Will Need To Make

If you have old, broken crayons, then making candles using it can be a good option for you. Since there are some differences between crayon wax and candle wax; you would have to use usual wax in the mixture.

This will make the candles burn brightly as well as for a long time. Hence, the things you need to make candles are:

  1. Old, broken crayons
  2. Candle wax
  3. Wicks.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1

After selecting the crayons, you would have to remove the wraps of crayons. For this, you would need a bowl having water and ice in it. After that, the crayons have to be put in the cold water and leave it for five minutes. Likewise, the wrapper can be removed.

Step 2

After taking off the wrappers from the crayons, it is the time to start the melting process. The desired colored crayons would have to be kept in a container and then leave it in the microwave for 2 minutes till it becomes smooth.

Step 3

It is the time to mold the melted crayon for preparing your candles. You can pour this mixture into a metal cutter of cookie, a mini cup of baking or any container according to your wish and leave it for 5 minutes.

However, it is important to note that you would need to spray non-sticky spray on the bottle prior to pouring.

Step 4

Selecting the size of wick forms a significant part in candle making. There is probably no particular formula for it, but there are guidelines. The size of the wick must match with the size of the candle.

It might otherwise create particular problems like shorter wicks will leave unburned wax while longer wicks will produce much smoke and make the wax to overflow from the container.

Wick size might be a difficult part of the process, but by applying general knowledge, things can become easier.

Step 5

After you complete selecting the ideal wick, you would now have to insert it in the candle. A toothpick or pointed end of a crayon can be a good option if you want to make a hole in the half made candle.

You would now have to put the wick inside and compress the wax with fingers. After inserting the required amount, the extra wick that remains would have to be cut off. And your candle finally gets ready after it is taken out from the mold.

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