Basic Shooting Fundamentals

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Basic Shooting Fundamentals

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There are certain Basic Shooting Fundamentals one must master if they are to be able to progress from one who is able to fire a firearm into one who can shoot.

Sight alignment is one of these techniques. Sight alignment is the positioning of the gun so that the eye aligns with the rear sight in such a way that the front sight is even and centered with the rear sight, and that the sights are superimposed on the target.

Trigger Pull is another fundamental technique a person must have in order to shoot on target consistently. Trigger pull allows the shooter to ignite the firing sequence of the cartridge without disturbing proper sight alignment. Proper trigger pull is not like it sounds. The trigger must not be pulled. It should not be jerked. The trigger must be squeezed. Once mastered it is not necessary to slowly squeeze the trigger. This operation can be done with speed. The essential element is that the trigger must be manipulated smoothly, without jerking. The trigger should break firing the ammunition without the shooter being consciously aware that the gun will fire. Anticipating the firearm firing causes flinching which leads to jerking the gun. This in turn changes the sight picture. This causes the round to impact off target.

Breath Control is the last basic mechanical function of firing. Breathing causes the chest to rise and affects the shooters natural point of aim. This changes the sight alignment. Since breathing is an essential involuntary action, it cannot be stopped. Therefore it must be controlled. A widely used technique to control breathing is the figure 8. It is done by slightly and imperceptibly moving the gun in a figure eight, inhaling and exhaling and taking up the slack in the trigger until the weapon fires in the center of the imaginary figure eight. This causes the firing of the gun at the same point each time. These skills are essential to proper firearm manipulation.

However they are not the only skills needed nor are these skills demonstrated in any manner other than an overview. This is an introduction only. One cannot learn this by reading alone, similar to one cannot learn to ride a bicycle without getting on one. Proper instruction by a qualified instructor along with quality practice is needed in order to develop these skills.

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