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Battery Terminal Quick Connect Review

Gear Review: Battery Terminal Quick Connect
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I bought these Battery Terminal Quick Connect from Amazon because I had a problem.  Both my truck and my tractor have some short in them that causes my batteries to drain after a week or so of sitting.  This causes me to either have to switch batteries a lot, or disconnect the batteries when I am done with them.

Having to continually disconnect the battery caused wear on the cheap terminals I had on the truck, and it was a pain on the tractor.  I looked up solutions and found these $9.00 MOTOPOWER MP69011 Battery Quick Release Connectors Quick Disconnect Battery Terminals.

They were pretty easy to install and the Battery Terminal Quick Connect work by causing a clamping action on the terminals when the clamps are pressed down.

To remove, lift up on the clamp and the pressure will be removed from the terminals.

This set of terminal clamps work on most side and top mount batteries according to the instructions.  I found they worked perfectly on a closed cell optima deep cell battery.

This does make life much easier, as it is now a no tool proposition to remove and replace the battery on my tractor.  I still need a wrench to remove the battery from my truck, because of the battery hold down, but disconnecting it is pretty simple.

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