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How to Make DIY Chalkboard Mason Jar Lids

DIY Chalkboard Mason Jar Lids: Great for Storage
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These DIY chalkboard mason jar lids are great for storage.  While it was designed for spices, it can work in the garage for nuts and bolts, or the reloading bench for small parts like shell holders.

Simply take a baby food jar (or any other size you want), and paint the lid with chalkboard paint. You can then write whatever is in the jar on the lid.

If used with spices, you can then easily store in a drawer beside the stove, rather than above the stove.

However, the heat from the stove will cause a reduced lifespan of the spices.

Like the other mason jar lid tips, your mileage may vary on how useful this is.  I used this idea for spices for about 6 months and then went back to my old ways.  It works, no doubt about it.  Unfortunately my handwriting is horrible.

Besides on the counter I did not need a lot of labeling, as I could see through the jars.  However, if you used smaller jars and put them in a drawer so you could only see the top, then this would be an awesome tip for organization.

Try it, you may find a use for it.

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