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Cheap CETME/G3 Scope Mount


Cheap CETME/G3 Scope Mount
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I do not normally advocate mixing airsoft with “real” gun gear.  However, on occasion it works if you know what you want.  Just understand that airsoft accessories are not built as strongly as accessories build for actual guns.

I would not use airsoft lasers or airsoft rated under barrel flashlights or optics because they cannot handle the vibration.

In this case, I was able to find some Cheap CETME/G3 Scope Mounts for $10, where actual CETME claw mounts are over $100 for the exact same design.

The claw mounts bolt to the receiver and I tightened them down just as I would the actual gun rated mounts.

They have held up to about 100 rounds of sustained fire.  Not quite rapid fire, but one good shooting session.

This isn’t my main rifle, and is really just an experiment gun.  If it was a gun that I foresaw using for defense of my life I would buy the higher dollar mounts.  Life is not worth risking over $90.

Wither you use the $10 or the $100 mount be careful as you tighten the claw mount, people have been known to tighten it so much that they “crushed” the receiver mounting points.

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