Camping: Map Contour Lines II

Camping: Map Contour Lines II

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Being able to read contour lines is pretty important.  This is the second in a series of land navigation posts.  Like the first article this one also deals with map contour lines.

The method I use to show contour lines is one I learned in the Boy Scouts and it is how I finally grasped the concept.

As I mentioned in the first video I think a good understanding of contour lines and a good topographical map will allow you to find your location in the woods and navigate without any other tools.

I am not suggesting you do not need a compass for land navigation.  However, the ability to visualize map topography will allow you to recognize terrain features in a way that a compass bearing can not do.

Once I learned this skill I never got lost in the woods again.  But if I was honest, I would have to admit I didn’t really get lost in the woods much before I had this skill.  I grew up in a State Park and knew those woods like most kids know their neighborhood.

I used to turn my radio up loud, lock my door and sneak out to go walking in the woods.

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