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Dillon Precision Warranty Review


Gear Review: Dillon Precision Warranty
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Gear Review: Dillon Precision WarrantyThe other day while reloading, I broke a part in my press, I knew better, but I was in a hurry and pulled the lever down to force my way past an obstruction.

What I did was break off a spacer pin and rounded out the hole in the press so that a new pin would not fit.

I called Dillon precision, and they responded just as they promised on their site.  They have a no “BS” policy, and simply gave me a return authorization number and I sent them the machine – this lived up to the famous Dillon Precision Warranty.

Dillon presses may be more expensive than other companies, but they have the best customer service.
I have used their warranty twice on the same machine, both times they worked with me to solve my problems, while they can be a little slow, I have to say they do honor their word – at least in my experience.

I have cheaper presses like the lee brand, and am happy with them, but nothing beats the Dillon progressives for pure joy of kicking out a lot of rounds in a short amount of time.  Add in the dillion precision warranty and they can’t be beat.

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