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How to Build a DIY Rifle Rack for $20


How to Build a DIY Rifle Rack for $20
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As I said in the DIY $20 Rifle Rack video, this is not my original idea, I got this idea from

This is not an exact set of plans, you can adapt as you desire.

Recently, on the YouTube video someone had the great idea to put a small magnet in the top cut-outs.

Basic Process

I went to Lowes and bought some shelving board.

Two 28 inch length sections were cut from the board

Next I snapped a line about 1/2 down the width of one of the boards.

Along the line I marked several equal sections (one per gun).

I used a hole saw to cut out a hole centered on each mark.  Once the holes were cut, I cut down the line, ripping the board length ways.

Then I took a 6 foot shelving board and cut it in half to make two 3 foot sections.  Note that if you are building a rack for M-forgeries or other shorter barrel rifles this will be a little too small.

At one end of each long board I laid the smaller half of the board with the half-circles cut into it and then marked the long board.

I then laid a straight edge on the long board and drew a line from the mark to the other edge of the board about 1 foot from the opposite edge.

Next, I repeated on the other long board and the cut along the line.

I glued and screwed the drilled 28 inch board to the 3 foot boards.  One at each end.

Next I took one of the drilled boards and glued and screwed it to the smaller end of the 3 ft. boards.

To keep everything organized, I cut some wood strips and framed around the bottom of the stand to make individual

Finally, I painted it and put it on top of a small shelf in my office.

As always, I hope this is useful to you.

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