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How to Make a Keychain Ferrocerium Rod Using Torch Flint


How to Make a Keychain Ferrocerium Rod Using Torch Flint
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I want to take a couple minutes to show you a redundant fire starting method that is cheap, tiny, and easy.  We are going to make a DIY Keychain Ferrocerium Rod using welder striking tips.

If you are a welder, plumber, or anyone who uses torches, you are no doubt familiar with friction sparkers.  They are used to light propane or acetylene torches.

What makes the sparkers work are small ferrocerium rods that are held in a small threaded brass fitting. These rods are replaceable.  Normally when you buy a sparker you get 5 or 6 of them in the package.

I went to Wal-Mart and bought a new torch sparker for about $5.00.  Next, I then put one of the replacement tips in my drill press and drilled it out with a small drill bit.

The fitting was brass.  Drilling it out was not hard at all.

I then threaded it on my keychain.

It weights fractions of an ounce – only a couple of grains (4,000 grains to a pound) and is tiny enough not to get in the way.
But now I have a waterproof, EMP proof, never run out of gas way to get a spark under almost any condition.

Plus, it sure beats a fire drill….

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