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How to Make a Cheap Cable Lug Using Copper Pipe

How to Make a Cheap Cable Lug Using Copper Pipe
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I needed some large terminal lugs for my microwave spot welder and they were both hard to find and expensive. I decided to make my own cable lug using copper pipe

What I decided to do was make my own out of copper pipe.  This DIY terminal clip was for 2 gauge wire and used a short length of 1/4 copper pipe.

Looking around the hardware store I saw a short section of heavy gauge copper pipe. a 2 feet long section was under $4.00.  This is much lugs cost

Even if this DIY experiment failed, I would not be out a lot of money.  I decided to go for it.  In the end it worked really well.

I used a pipe cutter to cut a couple inches off of the end of the copper tube.

Next I used the vice to smash one end closed.  I could have used a hammer, but the vice gives a little more control.

After the end is smashed flat, drill a hole through the flat end to make a terminal clip.

Lastly we used a swage to press the copper pipe to the wire.  You could solder it, but I find a good pressure fit works well.

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