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Microwave Essential Oil Extraction Kit Review


Microwave Essential Oil Extraction Kit
Click Picture for a Essential Oil Steam Distillation Lab Kit

I saw this Microwave Essential Oil Extraction Kit in a farm tips magazine and asked to review it.  I love the concept, and it worked pretty good for me.

Now I had some trouble actually separating the oil from the water.  However, that was more my lack of lab technique than the kit.

Many people have commented on the video about how deadly microwaves are to the essential oil spirits and some such.

I get that many people are paranoid about things they don’t understand, but as a former radiological safety trainer and one that read the science behind this process I can assure you that a microwave oven actually works better for steam distillation of essential oils than traditional methods.

This equipment was actually designed by a researcher that needed a system to distill pure oil without heat damage.

The Microwave Essential Oil Extraction Kit gets the oil from the plant material without as much heat so it makes a better quality of oil.

Now the other comments were about the cost of the kit compared to what is in it.

I think that the price could come down based upon the costs of the equipment, but I also believe the inventor has the right to recoup his development costs.

I don’t look at price, I look at utility.  If you want a different method, you can click on the steam distillation equipment in the picture. - Essential Oil Extraction

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  1. Ai Ling Ai Ling

    Hi. I am interested with your microwave essential oil kits. May I know how much you sell for a kit? Tx.

    • I don’t sell them, but I think in the youtube details I added the link to the manufacturer

      • Ai Ling Ai Ling

        Tx for your prompt reply. Noted. I will look for it. Happy 520 to you!

      • fcefxer fcefxer

        I can’t find that link, could you provide it again please?

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