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How to Build a Wall Inside a Shipping Container


How to Build a Wall Inside a Shipping Container
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This post shows how I built a wall inside a shipping container.  I needed to build a room in the back of the shipping container that I can insulate and cool so that I won’t get heat stroke working out at the land in the summer.

Framing a Wall in a Shipping Container was not hard once I figured out the dimensions.  An 8 foot wide box does not give a lot of room for things like doors.  Basically I could put the door in the center or I could put it to the side and have about a 3 foot wall beside it.

I chose the 3 foot wall so I could put my wall lockers just outside my room.

Building in a shipping container has additional issues because you don’t want to nail or screw into the sides or roof.  A shipping container is rodent and pest tight until you start putting in holes.

Luckily the floor is a very thick marine plywood so I screwed the base board into it.  I also used construction adhesive.

I screwed the studs into the base and glued them onto the side of the box.  The top board is also glue in, but it is wedged in tightly.

This isn’t the best way of doing construction and my perfectionist father had a fit, but the wall is not load bearing and does not add to the strength of the structure so I can get by with how I did it.

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