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From the Ashes, America Reborn

Book Review: From the Ashes, America Reborn
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For the first time since the inception of his fictional Tri-States network 15 years ago, bestselling author William W. Johnstone delivers a complete guide to the first 24 books in his “Ashes” series.

This book is based upon a fictional interview.  In this book you read the views of Ben Raines on the IRA, the IRS, racism, the justice system, welfare, the military, politicians, prison reform, capital punishment, and the government.

From the Ashes, America Reborn is the definitive guide also offers a detailed synopsis of every novel, maps of each journey, and more.

While this is over the top fiction, and more akin to men’s romance novels than “serious” fiction, there is something to be learned.

When not reading the over the top sexuality and violence you can glean important lessons on the nature of an alternative Government.

I think the basic philosophy of Government is sound- especially as a transition from what will be left after our Constitutional form of Government becomes totally rotten from within and collapses.

Many of us would not want to live in such a world, but, if you are willing to live up to the expectations, you would have almost total freedom in this fictional society.

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