Gear Review: ITrack Easy Key Finder

Gear Review: ITrack Easy Key Finder

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have been loosing my keys pretty often, my son is in the stage where he likes playing with my stuff and if I don’t put them where he can’t reach them he plays with them.

When I got a chance to review this small key finder fob I thought I could use it as a GPS tracker to deal with theft on my land.

My idea was to put in on my sawmill trailer and could catch a thief red handed.

This would be a good idea as the actual ITrack Easy is smaller than the picture shown.  However, since this works by sending a blue tooth signal to your phone It only has a 300 ft range.

However, in playing with this thing I realized it does work awesome for its intended purpose.

It comes with two batteries (one in the fob and a spare) along with a tool to open the fob – not really needed but nice.  The instructions tell how to get the ap for your phone and the signon is simple.  Just set a usermname and password and press and hold the button on the itrack easy until it beeps.

The app shows a map of where the itrack is, will make it beep, and give a bas indication of direction to the device.

Your phone will also beep if the itrack gets out of range. – which put that on a work item and it won’t let you get far from it in the morning.

I kinda like the device, and am glad I was offered the chance to get it at a reduced cost for a review.

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