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Lawn Mower Cover Review


Gear Review: Lawn Mower Cover
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I needed to move my lawn mower from under the carport and the last time I let it sit uncovered water did a number on the carburetor.

This lawn mower cover comes either in green or beige.

This cover is much heavier than I expected.  It is a very think rubberized nylon.  Amazon says it is a high quality sturdy oxford fabric with a pvc coating and waterproof tape on the seams.  They say it offers 100% waterproof protection.  I am normally skeptical, but in this case that seems fair.

The seams are well stitched and it has an elastic cord around the base.  This is not a tarp, but a fitted cover.

The makers say it is a universal fit for a lawn & Garden tractor with a deck up to 54″.  If you want to check to see if it fits your tractor it is 72″ Long x 44″ Wide x 46″ High.  It easily covers my old Murray rider.  Actually, before I spent money on new parts, the cover probably is worth more than my old mower.

This well made cover also has a ventilation flap that is designed to keep the moisture easily out for long term protection of your lawn tractor in your garden or back yard.  I like how it also has two tie down straps fasten the cover to your tractor.  That means I don’t need to worry about a strong wind blowing my cover off.

My only issue with the cover is the price.  It is $45.99 with prime shipping and that is a lot for my budget.  However, to be fair this is great quality and they say it has a life time warranty

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