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Padded Roll case for Tools Review

Today I want to share a decent roll tool bag.  I like having tool rolls because it is easy for me to keep track of specific tool types.  I had a set for pliers, one for files, a roll for screwdrivers, etc – however, some local thief got into me shipping container and stole almost all of my tools.

This means I needed new tool bags, luckily touch of urban asked if I wanted to review one of their products.  This tool bag is normally 45.00 but I was able to get it for much less.

Right now they are having a free shipping promotion on everything in their store.

I like this roll bag better than the ones I bought earlier from Lowe’s, and the padding is a nice feature.  However, the price is a little high form my tastes as I need 6 or 7 of the the bags if I am going to recreate my old system.

However, for a single bag to throw pliers and wrenches in and stash in the vehicle for emergency repairs, this padded roll tool bag is hard to beat.

Once again, I must say I got this tool roll at a reduced cost to do a review, and I probably would not have bought it at full price, not that its not worth it, but because I have to justify purchases over $20 with the wife before I spend family funds.

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