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Handgun Carry Permit Scenario #5 Car Theft


Handgun Scenario Discussion #5
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This Handgun Scenario Discussion should be easy.

If you confront someone who is stealing from you (or doing anything else – the reason is irrelevant),


You are legally justified in doing so (you cannot be picking a fight or acting as the aggressor),


They turn toward you with a deadly weapon, assume a fighting stance, look at your firearm and say “What are you going to do with that old man?” (Showing they have the ability to kill you and giving you a reasonable reason fear they will kill you…)

A legally justified reply would be to control your breathing, achieve proper sight alignment between your handgun’s rear sight, front sight, and the center of thugalicious’s chest, and then take up slack on the trigger until the firearm discharges…

repeat as necessary until thugboy is no longer a deadly threat against you…

A simple way to describe it would be….

“Shoot you twice” BANG BANG….

This is because in the law in Tennessee tells you that if someone has the ability to kill you, and you believe they are trying to kill you, you are allowed to stop them – up to and including using a firearm to stop their attack. This has nothing to do with the car in the video or that the bad guy is stealing.

It is clear that the bad guy had a weapon, was threatening the citizen, and that the citizen was not acting illegally at the time, and was not instigating the incident.

YOU MUST ALWAYS BE RESPONDING TO, and not causing the incident….

(If you have a TV you might be aware of a use of force incident in Florida where this was an issue. I am not going to comment on my opinions concerning this case until it is adjudicated, as none of us have heard all the facts.

BUT the Zimmerman/Martin incident does show us how important it is to be able to PROVE your actions are justified – and that it does not matter what your intentions or beliefs were during the shooting – someone other than you has the final say on its legality. This should be a wake up call (to those not already woke up) to armed citizens about the seriousness and consequence to actions while armed…

In conclusion, I think this kind of what would you do training is invaluable to preparing a person to carry a gun for self defense. If you never work on handgun scenario training you will have to work through the situation when it occurs – this will waste precious seconds and may cause you to do the wrong thing. Please look at the post on OODA loop for more information.

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