How to Make Hot Glue Matches for Emergency Repairs

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Hot Glue Matches Cooling on Workbench

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Have you ever needed to fix something but did not have a hot glue gun handy?

Today’s hot glue matches project shows how to combine strike anywhere matches with hot glue so you always have the ability to use hot glue no matter where you are.

It is not hard, and all you really need is some matches and a hot glue gun.

I store mine in an old pill bottle and keep them in the glove box of my truck.

Mine are not as pretty as the video from Facebook where I got the idea, but then again I made several of these in just a few minutes.

The big thing I learned was to cool them standing upright do the glue flowed where I wanted it rather than away from the match head.

I think that if I took more time and continued to swirl the match in my hands as the hot glue match cooled, then the resulting bead would be much more even.   However, even if this was not a pretty project it works and is simple enough to add in a small repair kit for emergency repairs on the go.

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