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How to Stop Rugs from Slipping on Carpet


How to Stop Rugs from Slipping on Carpet
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I once did a guest post for Prepography about prepper related things I learned while working in a prison. Today’s post on How to Stop Rugs from Slipping is another tip I learned from a felon.

While digging through the Martha Stewart website doing research for an entrepreneur class I was taking I saw her give a tip to use beads of latex calk every 6 inches or so along the edges of a run to make it non-slip.

Since my wife loves rugs, and I hate them bunching up and slipping, but hate to buy those expensive no-slip mat.

Caulk works well to Stop Rugs from Slipping.  So never think you cannot learn something from convicts…

How to Stop Rugs from Slipping Update:

This did work well for some time, but over time the gripping power of the calk started slipping.  It has been a year and this does not work near as good.  Maybe if I used more caulk it would work better.  I don’t actually know.  But, it did work well for a while, so maybe if you can figure it out you can let me know what will fix my problem.

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