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Camping: Hula Hoop Camping Shower

Camping: Hula Hoop Camping Shower
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Being out on the land camping while I clear the land has its benefits.  I can save travel time and I get to see my land at all times of the day.  However it also has a drawback.  Namely working hard and being outdoors makes showers a luxury.  I am NOT used to having a shower being a luxury.

I do have neighbors so I need a shower stall.  After long thought I came up with a hula hoop camping shower stall.

All I did was buy a hula hoop and a cheap shower curtain and rings.

By putting the rings around the hula hoop I could mount it with some 550 cord and have an outdoor shower stall.

Add a pallet so you don’t stand in mud and a solar shower like the one pictured and you can be in business.

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