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How to Make Improvised Lock Nuts


Improvised Lock Nuts
Improvised Lock Nuts

I would not recommend using improvised lock nuts in any life safety application.  However, there are times when a nut may vibrate loose but you are in a position where you can’t get to the store.

The solenoid I installed while Converting a generator to electric start was just such a problem.  I needed to finish before the wife got home and could not waste another hour in a round trip to the store.

Additionally, I couldn’t have any more hardware store charges on the debit card that day.  I was already dipping into the joint account for YouTube projects that did not have prior spousal approval.

What I did was tighten down nuts mounting the solenoid.  Next I wrapped a couple turns of teflon tape to the bolt.  Then I screwed another nut over the tape.

The teflon tape acts like the nylon ring inside of a real lock nut.  Having two nuts also helps with reducing loosening from vibration.

Yes, it is an improvised solution.  No it it not as good as a store-bought solution.  However, it does work, and I am pleased with it for this use.  Especially as my wife is happy the generator can now be started without a lot of struggle.

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