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Judge Not

Judge Not
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I have something weighing on my mind; it’s probably a rant, so I am going to give fair warning. If you read this site, you may have (if not then I’m not doing a good job of expressing myself) noticed I am a rather conservative Christian. So far warning, if you don’t want to hear my opinion on the current direction of the American culture then don’t click the “read more” link below, and wait a day or so to read my next how to article. Otherwise please enjoy the first of a three part series.

I titled this post as “Judge Not” and I want to make three points. Due to the nature of this article I have decided to break it into three individual posts each covering one point.

  1. I want to describe what my interpretation of the Biblical concept, “Judge not or you too will be judged”.
  2. I would like to discuss my interpretation for the progressive term “Tolerance”
  3. I want to make the point why I believe progressives are so angry with conservative beliefs, as well as why they are so enamored with mainstreaming deviant lifestyles.

First off, let me tell you, I know that I screw up, and do some pretty stupid things. I like to think that I try to do what’s right, but on occasion laziness wins out. I am no moral authority, and on judgment day there are going to be several actions that I have done in the past I will be ashamed to be reminded of.

However, I know I do not have to be perfect because Jesus made the choice to take the consequences of my actions by dying for me to clean me of my sin. Because of the gratitude I have for this I do my best to follow the rules he set down for me so as not to be disrespectful of the gift.

The scripture ““Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Speaks to me in a way that says “Hey stupid, you screw up enough on your own to go around and point out other people’s faults – just shut up and work on yourself”…

There are several things believe to be wrong, but I try to keep my mouth shut about them because its not my place to be the judge. Anything you do that only has consequences for yourself and other consenting adults I shut my mouth about. Recently this leaves images of homosexuality, but that’s just one action that I personally fell is wrong, but that I don’t speak to people about. I also mean recreational drug use – PERSONALLY I feel it’s a refuge of the weak minded, but I think you should be able to grow, smoke, snort whatever you want as long as you can afford it, and know you’re legally responsible for your actions while high.

If you choose to buy a Harley instead of health insurance, and ride it without a helmet, I won’t say a word, because its not my place to do so.

So here it is, I believe, based upon my own study, that the “or you too will be judged” doesn’t mean by other people – or based upon your own sins. I believe that means you’re working outside your “paygrade” and insulting Jesus by trying to do something that only He has earned the right to do.

To put it in perspective take a day and go sit in a courtroom, listen to a case, and right as the judge is about to pronounce his judgment blurt out your opinion. I bet you the point will be illustrated by an apoplectic judge and a very firm bailiff.

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  1. I admit, I considered taking your suggestion to skip this post. But I’m glad I didn’t. Well said, sir.

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